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15 Days working from Bali

I’m writing this article in my room back home, thankfully I arrived safely and I had to take some rest by calling on my grandma in a not so far village from my small city. Before Bali, last time I was in Penang where I shared my monthly experience there and I…

Jul 16, 20194 min

Handling SEO in React apps

I have landed successfully in Bali, rented a scooter and been enjoying my ride from my place to Dojo Bali where I’m currently writing this article. SEO definition Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website…

Jun 13, 20195 min

Penang was way better

As promised before when I shared my experience spending one month in KL as a remote developer, It’s time to share with you how was Penang compared to KL. Planning Some of you asked me on Instagram about why did I choose to visit this Island, well the truth is…

Jun 06, 20195 min

One month in Kuala Lumpur as a remote developer

I won’t consider myself a digital nomad yet, but I admit that I was a bit influenced to try out that lifestyle, but as I don’t like traveling a lot as I mentioned in my previous article, I wasn’t really engaged into the idea of continuously traveling & working…

Apr 23, 20195 min

Solving hashtags problems

Hashtag ~hashtags is the plural noun~ is any phrase or word that has a ’#’ sign at the beginning, it is mostly used on social media platforms to target a specific topic and to gather users interested in that same topic. As we’re targeting “hashtags” as a topic…

Apr 14, 20193 min

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