We are truly living in a simulation

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Watching the sunrise is the best thing I ever done in life

Not that kind of simulation you’ve seen on the matrix movie but a different one, keep on reading to understand more.

The simulation I’m talking about is actually simulated by ourselves not by some highly intelligent being(s), each one of us including other living beings (nature, animals etc…) are influencing each other to a level where we’re responsible of others’ decisions & their way of thinking.

Just go to your instagram feed to check what your friends are sharing, then compare their decisions of sharing those kind of posts to what they actually like (yeah you can see what your friends are liking & following on Instagram, after clicking on the heart icon on the app, swipe right to see the left tab). You can even interact with them in real life & be able to predict what they will talk about, their answers etc…

Don’t get depressed knowing that you are a variable on this huge network of influence but be optimistic because a variable does change & can adapt to each environment it’s in, don’t live your whole life as a constant that never changes through time.

Now that you know about this simulation you’re part of, use it in your favor as a self aware being to take more control of your influence, know with who you’re spending more time with, are they people with goals in mind, or are they some failures just playing around not caring about themselves neither others, keep doing daily or weekly reports of your decisions & actions to adapt, evolve & to finally change to a better person than you were yesterday.

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