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Handling authentication in-webview rnn app

Theory Before you start reading and getting into this article, you must be aware that only the minority of mobile developers get into this use case and due to that, I decided to write this article to guide you through out on how to implement authentication…

Sep 19, 20195 min

Handling SEO in React apps

I have landed successfully in Bali, rented a scooter and been enjoying my ride from my place to Dojo Bali where I’m currently writing this article. SEO definition Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website…

Jun 13, 20195 min

Solving hashtags problems

Hashtag ~hashtags is the plural noun~ is any phrase or word that has a ’#’ sign at the beginning, it is mostly used on social media platforms to target a specific topic and to gather users interested in that same topic. As we’re targeting “hashtags” as a topic…

Apr 14, 20193 min

How To add dark mode easily with a custom React hook

In this quick article, I will be implementing dark mode to a quick React app with a custom React hook, Before we start, let’s see how is this supposed to work in three easy steps: We will check first if the chosen theme isn’t stored on localStorage If it…

Mar 22, 20192 min

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