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Getting my third visa rejection

My application visa into the Schengen territory has just got denied for the third time in a row, before I mention the reasons and their stupid claims on why it got denied, let me walk you through all the stories behind every each visa application that got…

Oct 22, 20196 min

15 Days working from Bali

I’m writing this article in my room back home, thankfully I arrived safely and I had to take some rest by calling on my grandma in a not so far village from my small city. Before Bali, last time I was in Penang where I shared my monthly experience there and I…

Jul 16, 20194 min

Penang was way better

As promised before when I shared my experience spending one month in KL as a remote developer, It’s time to share with you how was Penang compared to KL. Planning Some of you asked me on Instagram about why did I choose to visit this Island, well the truth is…

Jun 06, 20195 min

One month in Kuala Lumpur as a remote developer

I won’t consider myself a digital nomad yet, but I admit that I was a bit influenced to try out that lifestyle, but as I don’t like traveling a lot as I mentioned in my previous article, I wasn’t really engaged into the idea of continuously traveling & working…

Apr 23, 20195 min

Quick tips to be prepared to go through any airport in Morocco

Here are few quick tips to go through any airport in Morocco, whether you’re a foreigner or local citizen, these tips apply for both of you, so let’s get started! Get 4 hours earlier to the airport Wear shoes that you can take on/off quickly Expect that you…

Apr 08, 20191 min

From failure to launch - Hajj Hackathon

While travelling to Rabat in order to visit the Moroccan office of Obytes (the company I work for), I got invited to participate in Hajj hackathon which was looking for people who would like to solve some main problems related to Hajj, especially these nine…

Aug 06, 20184 min

My trip to Istanbul & why I hate traveling

I wanted to visit Istanbul 3 years ago and even told my friends about it, but 2 years after that moment, I didn’t really want to travel anywhere anymore because in my opinion, the Internet (even if it’s not decentralized) saves us money & time and so we don’t…

Dec 25, 20174 min

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