The tech tools I use


So I thought about sharing the tools I use personally or at work, so let’s start with,

Design tools:

  • Adobe Illustrator for logos, icons, illustrations.
  • Adobe XD, Invision Studio or Sketch for designing user interfaces & wireframes.
  • Adobe Photoshop for editing pictures & memes :D
  • Adobe After effects for editing videos (I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro for editing videos & AE to add effects).
  • Dribbble for inspiration and I share my work there as well as on Behance


Let’s now get into the tools I use while coding:

The code editor I’m currently using is VSCode.

I share my code & look for inspirations on:

  • GitHub
  • Codepen
  • CodeSandbox

If I’m simply coding an interface that I might integrate into an app (web or native) I use plain html/css & vanilla js.

But if I’m working on a landing page, docs or blog, I use:

  • Jekyll or Gatsby (I recommend Gatsby) and I deploy it on Netlify.

For Css I’m cool to use what ever tech available out there that makes my task done quickly & well, I have personally used Bootstrap 3 & 4, Bulma, Lostgrid, Materliaze, Tachyons & made my own little framework called Unnamed that has over 190 stars on GitHub, but I prefer coding with vanilla CSS or CSS in JS using styled-components, because I enjoy styling my elements from scratch since the components are fully reusable with React.

If I’m making a web app, for the front-end I use the create-react-app boilerplate as it’s the official one from the team that made React Js but I always have to add react-router-dom or @reach/router, Redux (well not on the upcoming projects), Recompose (not needed anymore) & many other modules I use the most. So I made my own boilerplate to handle that.

I use Git bash as my terminal when I’m on windows, iTerm2 with “oh my zsh” themes when I’m on macOS.

For the backend, I was using php/mysql which I didn’t personally like, so I switched to node js meaning that I currently use Express Js/Mongoose and Mongodb as a NoSQL database to make Restful APIs which I deploy on Heroku if it was a mvp and on a Digital Ocean droplet when it’s a fully working product. I made my personal boilerplate to speed up that process.

I sometimes use Firebase services when I’m too lazy to work on the backend.

For native apps, I use React native to build mobile apps (Ios & Android). I also have a personal boilerplate that I use to speed up the process.


For growth, I focus more on building useful products that users really need in their lives then I simply share it on Product Hunt, Hacker news, Reddit and on social media.


I use Windows 10 when I’m on my MSI GP62 laptop and MacOs Mojave on my macBook Pro 2017 touchbar work laptop, Pixel 2 with a Dbrand dragon skin.

Full setup can be found here.

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