About me so far...

The story of my nickname “Smakosh”

I’m Ismail Ghallou also known as Smakosh, a nickname which was given to me since I was 8 years old by one of my friends’ dad. Many teachers told their colleagues, my parents and sometimes me personally, that I was a good student during primary school & that was achieved by playing a lot of offline video games that really taught me to think how to figure out the way out like Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed & the Tomb Raider trilogies etc…

Primary school

I was a typical nerd since primary school, I was wearing socks and sandals, everyone used to laugh at me but I never noticed that or felt different from the others, I also never brought any food with me to eat during the break while almost everyone else was always eating some home made or stuff they bought early morning before coming to school, I did get bullied but nobody dared to fight with me because I used to always win the fights.

Mid school and my first love

At the last year of primary school I decided to move out to a public school rather than a private one, and during that time I got heavily addicted to Basketball and I was really a good player, especially in the streets, I liked to instantly try out the tricks I learned from YouTube.

Here’s a picture of some medals I got from some tournaments I & my friends won on Football & Basketball.


During middle school, I started exploring more activities like drawing, graffiti, biking, skateboarding & watching Anime and I was still getting good marks even though my daily schedule was heavy with those activities, during high school I got addicted to Parkour & Free running and it was really a good experience “not to be able to do a backflip and then after a long period of training to actually do it without any excuses like not having gyms in your small city” it was something really amazing, I spent like 2 years practicing and have recorded some videos that you can watch and enjoy right here.

It was also during mid school that I fell in love with a beautiful girl who rejected me and we never spoke again since then, I’m a straight guy but I’m not interested anymore in those relationships and I’m not thinking about getting married or making a family.


During the last year of high school I got a gaming pc that my dad bought for me since I’ve been begging him since middle school, unfortunately it made me get addicted to gaming and as a result I graduated from high school with a bad mark.

I didn’t get depressed or even wasted any time thinking what should I do as at that time, even the lowest nearby university didn’t accept me to get in, I actually enrolled in a private school to stay up to date with the lessons so that I can retry passing the final test hoping that I’ll get a better mark.


Fortunately after just 3 days of attending that private school, I actually got accepted in some sort of school which is equivalent to university & at that moment everything has changed, I started educating myself at home, learning, practicing by doing side projects & working as a free lancer from November 2015 until early 2017 when I got a job as a front-end developer at Obytes, working remotely without a degree and with the knowledge I taught myself at home as it has nothing in common with what I had learned at school, luckily I was always digging more knowledge and skipping sleep while stuying that 2 years after high school, I still remember most of the teachers laughing at me when I publicly state that you can get a job without a degree as a developer, turns out that I was right and I managed to influence two of my class mates who dropped out as well from university to work full time with a high paying job as software engineers.

Oh yeah, university welcomed me for the bachelor in software engineering which I never bothered to care about and I was writing JavaScript during a Java test which was funny as they didn’t recognize JavaScript at all

To be continued…

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