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From failure to launch - Hajj Hackathon

While travelling to Rabat in order to visit the Moroccan office of Obytes (the company I work for), I got invited to participate in Hajj hackathon which was looking for people who would like to solve some main problems related to Hajj, especially these nine…

Aug 06, 20184 min

First time getting first prize at a hackathon

As I always do, to arrive at time I stay awake the whole night, so I spent that night coding & designing like most of my days. So after I declined the job offer, I was invited once again to participate in a great hackathon organized by Lematin by partnering…

Jul 08, 20172 min

HPS Hackathon

After winning the second prize at the Lydec Hackathon organized by Screendy. I got invited to join the student partner program of Screendy — thanks to Mehdi Alaoui (the Founder & CEO of Screendy) — to help the participants during the international HPS…

Apr 10, 20172 min

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