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From failure to launch - Hajj Hackathon

While travelling to Rabat in order to visit the Moroccan office of Obytes (the company I work for), I got invited to participate in Hajj hackathon which was looking for people who would like to solve some main problems related to Hajj, especially these nine…

Aug 06, 20184 min

We are truly living in a simulation

Not that kind of simulation you’ve seen on the matrix movie but a different one, keep on reading to understand more. The simulation I’m talking about is actually simulated by ourselves not by some highly intelligent being(s), each one of us including other…

Jun 29, 20181 min

The tech tools I use

So I thought about sharing the tools I use personally or at work, so let’s start with, Design tools Adobe Illustrator for logos, icons, illustrations Adobe XD, Invision Studio or Sketch for designing user interfaces & wireframes Adobe Photoshop for editing…

Feb 27, 20185 min

My trip to Istanbul & why I hate traveling

I wanted to visit Istanbul 3 years ago and even told my friends about it, but 2 years after that moment, I didn’t really want to travel anywhere anymore because in my opinion, the Internet (even if it’s not decentralized) saves us money & time and so we don’t…

Dec 25, 20174 min

Why I created Unnamed

I hate when I use a known css framework like Skeleton or Bulma… and specially frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation… Because of many reasons but here’s the main reason: “since I’m also an UI designer, I always have to rewrite the entire css code of the UI…

Sep 20, 20171 min

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