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Quick tips to be prepared to go through any airport in Morocco

Here are few quick tips to go through any airport in Morocco, whether you’re a foreigner or local citizen, these tips apply for both of you, so let’s get started! Get 4 hours earlier to the airport Wear shoes that you can take on/off quickly Expect that you…

Apr 08, 20191 min

How To add dark mode easily with a custom React hook

In this quick article, I will be implementing dark mode to a quick React app with a custom React hook, Before we start, let’s see how is this supposed to work in three easy steps: We will check first if the chosen theme isn’t stored on localStorage If it…

Mar 22, 20192 min

Pixel 2 review and why Nexus 6p is a bad choice

I’ve been using the Nexus 6p for 2 years until recently as I had to upgrade to the Google Pixel 2 for various reasons which are really frustrating to a level that I highly don’t recommend buying the Nexus 6p. I’ll walk you through the pros & cons of the Nexus…

Feb 16, 20193 min

2018 year review

2018 was for me the most productive year so far, so I’ve decided to write an article at the beginning of each new year highlighting few achievements to improve over the upcoming years. So let’s first get started about the stuff I learned during 2018: Dev: CSS…

Jan 13, 20193 min

One year working remotely

Remember the last time I shared with you my story when I declined the job offer as a front end developer then won the first prize at a hackathon which was hilarious because I got the same amount of money they offered me in 36 hours instead of 30 days & 8 hours…

Sep 18, 20183 min

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